Monday, December 5, 2011

Astounding News from Andy Holden

Astounding Knits! fans will remember Andy Holden as the sculptor who recreated a nugget of Egyptian pyramid in fantastical scale. Taking his extreme pebble knitting to the next level, Holden is currently displaying a piece called the "Cookham Erratics" at the Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece. Here's how he describes it:

The six knitted sculptures each have wireless speakers in them, each transmitting a different monologue, part of a long fragmented story which attempts to explain how the rocks ended up in the museum. The idea of an 'erratic' is a rock deposited by a glacier as it melts, which often results in rocks that seem incongruous in the landscape.  The other part of the story involves a tale about the British Painter, Stanley Spencer, and his image of the Resurrection at Cookham Churchyard.

Maybe you're lucky enough to be traveling in Egypt right now and can stop by to see the exhibit. For the rest of us, here are some photos: